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Welcome to Nels! Our pleasant company was formed in Finland - a country that realy understand winter. Where people like to say: "You don't work for clothes, your clothes work for you!".

Nels company police
The main principle of the Nels company policy - is that we don't have a policy! All Nels collections are created for pleasure and comfort. Our hands-off approach is supported by our levity - because we have a lot of thoughts about our future collections and all of them are light and pleasant.

Nels company philosophy:
Spontaneity. We believe that clothes with a positive image can't be just average - so our customers always look stylish! And besause all collections are created directly with the needs of different people in mind, everyone can find something to his or her liking.

Informality. We don't like formality so communication with us is always cheerful and easy. But we love form - so everything we make keeps its form for longtime, no matter howmuch you wear it . As we send you on your journey throught the Nels web site. We suggest you get acquainted with a cat named Nelson - in his pleasant company you'll learn everything about clothes for a positive mood.

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